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Harvest Lists




Start and end dates:

June 21 Haskaps / Honeyberries

June 12 Rose petals

May 27 Redbud edible flowers, Asparagus, Sweet Cicely edible flowers.

May 26 Crab Apple & Apple blossoms, Lemon Balm.

May 24 Cut flowers, Mint.

May 22 Rhubarb.

May 17 Black Currant Leaf, Sweet Cicely.

May 15 Violets.

May 6 Fiddleheads, Good King Henry, Garden Sorrel. 

April 30 Stinging Nettles, Green Garlic.

Harvesting the rest of the 2018 Jerusalem Artichoke tubers as soon as the ground thaws.


Oct 20 Melrose Apples harvest complete Oct. 30

Oct. 11 Nova Spy Apples harvest complete Oct18.

Oct. 6 Winter Luxury Pie Pumpkin harvest complete Oct 31. 

Oct. 4 Jerusalem Artichoke All types.

Sept. 17 Curly Parsley and Swiss Chard end Oct 26. 

Sept. 9 Kenko Asian Pears end same day. Basil end Sept 22, Flat Leaf Parsley end Oct 26, Bull’s Heart Tomato end Sept.28. 

Sept. 5 Polka and Kiwi Gold Raspberries end Oct 6.

Sept.1 Ground Cherry end Oct. 6, Purslane end Sept.14. 

Aug. 26 Toka Plums end Sept 1.Wood Sorrel end Oct. 6.

Aug. 16 Burbank Plums end Aug. 12, Cilantro end Sept. 1 

Aug. 3 Shiro Plums end August 12.

July 26 Borage flowers end Oct 12.

July 23 “Hilda” Romano beans end Sept.22. 

July 15 Canby Raspberries end July 30.

July 14 Costata Romanesco Zucchini Flowers and Fruit end Aug.16.

July 13 Black Currants, Red Lake Red Currants end July 25.

July 12 Captivator, Hinnomaki Red, Invictia Gooseberries end July 14. Rovada Red Currant end July22.

July 9 Wild Black Raspberries end July26. Pixwell Gooseberries end July 15.

July 8 White Pearl and Pink Champagne Currants end July 9. Wild Amaranth, Lambsquarters end Sept.1

July 1 Mulberries end 2 days later due to birds and squirrels.

June 29 Rondon & Jonkheer van Tets Red Currants. Blanka & Primus White Currants. End July 3 

June 28 Saskatoons end July 7.

June 15 Blue Belle, Berry Blue, Borealis, and Aurora Honeyberry/Haaskap.end June 22.

June 6 Clove Pink Petals, Sage Flowers, Chive Flowers, Rose Petals.

June 4 Cinderella and Svetlana Honeyberry end June 15

May 25 Cut Flowers.

May 24 Blackcurrant leaves end June 6, Sage

May 22 Rhubarb, Mint, Lemon Balm.

May 16 Eastern Redbud flowers, Wild Raspberry Leaf.
May 9: Yarrow Leaves, Garden Sorrel, Lovage, Chives.

May 7: Fiddleheads, Good King Henry, Green Garlic, Sweet Cicely, Violets flowers and Leaves. 

May 4: Stinging Nettles