An Experiment in Natural Farming

All our fresh produce has been certified organic since 2008 and is currently certified by CSI. 3 orchards combine tree fruit with small fruits, herbs, flowers and native plants. We strive to find a balance of hands on and hands off – allowing nature to provide some of the plants in her own good time. A 4th orchard is slowly taking shape around the pines that nature planted. We use occasional strips of land within the orchards for mixed annual crops. We use on farm, plant based mulches for soil and plant health as well as moisture retention. Most of the soil is under permanent ground cover. There is a mature hedgerow that spans the north side of the farm, as well as a few hedgerow “pockets” between the orchards. In 2016 we started placing more native trees, shrubs and plants around and within the orchards. We believe there are many benefits to bio-diversity including strengthening the health and productivity of the fruit producing trees and shrubs.


The Kozowyk Family Farm

Alex and Betty Kozowyk started farming in Flamborough in 1953. Their farm was a mix of cattle, chickens, pasture, hayfields, raspberries, vegetables for the family, and flowers for beauty and the hummingbirds. A few acres of the provincially significant, Flamborough Centre Swamp was also included in the farm. These wetland woods are a rich source of biodiversity.

In 2002 Pat Kozowyk and Ernst von der Kall bought a 10 acre portion of the farm. They named it Baba Link Farm, in memory of Pat’s mother, “Baba” Betty. Baba is Ukrainian for Grandmother.

The logo for the farm is based on an Ukrainian folk art design, and is a little like the Bobolink birds that sang all summer in the pasture.

Baba Link Farm is situated where Betty grew excellent raspberries, which she grew without pesticides or chemical fertilizers. She was organic, years before organic standards came into being.

Alex Kozowyk quietly smiled, occasionally shook his head at some of Pat’s experimental ideas for the farm, but always offered a tremendous amount of support and expertise.

Both Alex and Betty are dearly missed and remembered daily on this beautiful piece of land.

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  1. Linda Miskimmiin
    August 15, 2016 at 9:14 pm

    Pat, this is the first time I really looked at your site.. I think it gives a true picture of you and family, I enjoyed reading your history story, I’m not sure if you know me by Name( Linda). I have been going to the Farmers market in Waterdown since it has been open, every Saturday I have a lovely conversation with you, in the AM, I picked up the Artsfest flyer when I was there last Saturday, and leafed through it, saw your art work, I will be going to see some of the art work this weekend, and the farmers market too.
    Will look forward to speaking to you again,

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