Harvest List 2017

2017 Harvest Start and End Dates:

Kiwi Gold and Polka Fall Fruiting Raspberries

Our markets in 2017:

http://www.waterdownfarmersmarket.ca/ ending Oct. 14

https://westendfood.coop/farmers-market (June through to Oct.16)

Sales at the farm are by appointment only please.

Oct. 25 Paw Paw end Nov.

Oct. 18 Black Walnut end Oct. 30.

Oct. 15 Purple Jerusalem Artichoke “Passamaquoddy Potatoes” end Dec. 7.

Oct. 12 – Jerusalem Artichoke “Clearwater” & “Stampede” end Nov. 30

Oct. 10 – Jerusalem Artichoke “Skorospelka” end Oct. 17

Oct. 1 – Canada Crookneck Squash all harvested Oct.25.

Sept. 22 – Kenko” end Oct. 1. “Little Green” Asian Pears end Oct.9.

Sept. 19 – Taylor Apple-Pear Asian Pear end Sept.26.

Sept. 15 – German Plums, Sierra Pear end Sept. 16.

Sept. 6 – Conference Pear end Sept. 18. Fordhook Giant Swiss Chard end Nov.

Sept. 3 Kiwi Gold Raspberry end Oct. 26 (frost).

Aug.28 – Nasturtium Leaves and Flowers end first frost. Lemon Gem Marigold Petals end first hard frost.

Aug. 26 – Hosui Asian Pear end Aug.28

Aug.25 – Mammoth Melting Snow Peas declared failed harvest Sept.

Aug. 18 – Burbank Plums end Aug.26. Polka Raspberry end Oct. 5

Aug. 14 – Start and end Hayatama Asian Pear.

Aug. 16 – Wood Sorrel Leaves and Flowers end hard frost.

Aug. 6 – Shiro Plums end Aug.12. Illini Hardy Blackberries end Sept. 18.

Aug. 1 – Hilda Romano Bean end mid Oct. Yarrow Leaves (very frost tolerant).

July 23 – Purslane end Sept..

July 21 – Basil end Sept 30.

July 20 – Costata Romanesco Zucchini and Zucchini Blossoms end Sept. 5.

July 14 – Pink Currants.

July 12- Borage Flowers and Leaves end at very hard frost.

July 10 Canby Raspberries, Sour Cherries, Black Currants end July 23, Gooseberries end July 31..

July 3 – Saskatoons, Lavender.

June 29 Red and White Currants, Mulberries.

June 18 – Garlic Scapes

June 12 – Haskaps/Honeyberry end June 26.

June 9 – Lettuce end Nov. Wild Amaranth end Oct.

June 8 – Rose Petals end July, Clove Pinks Petals end June 22.

June 1 – Lambsquarters end early Oct.

May 26 – Cut Flowers end late Oct..

May 20 – Mints, Lemon Balm, Parsley, Lovage, Sage.Various levels of frost tolerance, ending from Oct. into Dec.

May 17 – Eastern Redbud Flowers end May 24, Asparagus.

May 11 Rhubarb

May 3 – Fiddle Heads start and end.

May 2 – Sorrel, Sweet Cicely ending Oct.

April 27 – Violet Flowers end June 1. Violet Leaves end Sept. 14.

April 20Green Garlic end June 8.

April 17 – Fresh Stinging Nettles end May 25.



2016 Harvest List:

The drought affected the type and amount of produce harvested. Valuable lessons were learned and seeds saved that may be able to produce better in another drought.

Oct. 24 Winter Nellis Pear end Nov. 15, “Bleu de Solaize” Leeks end Dec. 11.

Oct. 21 Jerusalem Artichoke end Nov. 30

Oct. 15 Wild Grape end Oct.30.

Oct. 7 Butternut Squash, Rouge Vif d’Etampes Pumpkin end Oct. 21.

Oct.1 Tumanga, Nova Spy and Melrose Apples end Oct. 14.

Sept. 24 German Plum end Sept. 26, Winter Luxury Pie Pumpkin, Canada Crookneck Squash end Oct.17.

Sept.17 Reine Claude Plum end Sept.30, Italian Plum end Sept. 19.

Sept. 22 Parsley end Nov. 12.

Sept. 21 “Conference” Pear end Oct. 10, “Black Cherry” & “Matt’s Wild” Tomato end Oct. 1.

Sept. 14 Asian Pear “Taylor Apple Pear” end Oct. 11.

Sept. 9 Asian Pears: “Kenko” end Sept. 30 and Little Green (name unknown) end Oct. 10.

Sept. 5 “Rosa Bianca” Eggplant end Oct. 9 (frost).

Sept. 3 Nasturtium Flowers end Oct 9 (frost).

Sept. 1Japanese Black Trifele , Cosmonaut Volkov, Grightmire’s Pride, Tasmanian Yellow Tomatoes end Oct. 9.

Aug. 22 “Harrow Sweet” Pears. “Red Free” Apple end Aug. 30.

Aug. 8 Dill end Aug. 15th.

Aug. 7 “Golden of Bacau” Yellow Wax Pole Bean end Oct 9 (frost), Calendula Flowers end Oct.30.

Aug. 6 Start and end: “Gifford” Pears, “Shiro” Plums.

Aug. 3 “Aunt Molly” Ground Cherry end Oct 9 (frost).

Aug. 1 “Costata Romanesco” Zucchini end Sept. 26, Basil end Oct. 9 (frost), Borage Flowers end Oct.20, Pink Flamingo Swiss Chard, “Detroit” Beets end Dec. 5.

July 25 Romano Beans end Oct. 9 (frost)., “Illini Hardy” Blackberries end Aug. 30, Zucchini Flowers end Sept.12.

July 17 Cilantro end Aug. 6, “Lemon Gem” Edible Marigold Petals end Oct. 9 (frost).

July 11 – Black Currants end July 28, Mammoth Melting Snow Peas end Aug. 6.

July 10 Pixwell and Hinnonmaki Red Gooseberry end July 11, Pink Champagne Currant end July 11, Rovada Red Currant end July 13.

July 8 Wild Black Raspberry end July 26.

July 5Glorie de Sablon” Pink Currants end July 11, “Captivator” Gooseberry end July 11, Sour Cherry end July7.

July 3 Mulberries last variety end July 15.

July 2 Saskatoons end July 11.

June 28 Red (Rondom and Jonkheer van tets) Currants, White (Primus) Currants last picking July 8.

June 21Garlic Scapes end July 5, Wild Greens end Aug. 15.

June 14start and end date Haskaps: Tundra, Borealis, Blue Belle and Berry Blue.

June 10 start and end date “Cinderella” Honeyberry/Haskap 

June 6 Rose Petals and Clove Pinks end July10, Chive and Sage Flowers both finished June 20.

May 28 – Asparagus end June 25, Apple Mint end July1.

May 16Rhubarb end June 30 / Eastern Redbud blossoms (end May 27).

May 10 –  Sweet Cicely end Nov. 10./ Lovage gone to seed in June / Good King Henry gone to seed in June.

Borage Flowers

May 1   Stinging Nettles ended May 23 for fresh use / Green Garlic ended June 14 / Edible Violet Flowers ended   June 2 / Sorrel gone to seed in June.

From May to Nov. 1 Cut Flowers, Sage.